Is NodeJs Faster Than JSP?
Nambi Sankaran

The thing is that these performance tests doesn’t really matter in 99%of use cases..if your site grows, you will anyway implement a proxy, load balancer and many levels of at the end the important thing is how good and effective you are with the language of your jsp and asp have proven themselves over time to be a bad choice for web development..since the development is 10 times slower and 10 times more expensive than with node or php. The thing about node and php is the community, open source and diversity. There are so many people doing so many things and so many libraries that it is fun to work with these languages and they evolve with so much pace thanks to this. The good exercise is, take a non programmer and say to run a hello world page in node, jsp, php and asp. With node and php he will manage within hours, with jsp and asp maybe never :)..and now try to give this task to a developer and say to him that no IDE’s are allowed :D

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