Differentiating the Angel from the Devil

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My study trip to Ghana made me believe that It’s a fairly universal idea that we are mostly responsible for our own behavior. The society teaches us to do the “right” thing, to avoid being selfish to others, and to try to be positive elements in society and role models for the younger ones. But even if we understand and endorse the ‘right’ for our behavior, we often experience differing thoughts in our own minds. Regardless of how we choose to filter ourselves and ultimately act, how comfortable we are with our own thoughts can be a diverse issue. Do we judge our own thoughts on a scale of good and bad, or not impose any critical examination at all?

One may feel concerned if their thoughts do not match the rules of behavior that they believe in or were taught, and this usually leads to self-judgment. Some people may judge themselves by faulty criteria and erroneously approve of attitudes that actually cause problems for others. And some people might not view their thoughts as either good or bad at all, choosing to simply experience them without judgment. This latter approach could equally describe the unrestrained actions of the serene harmony of a kindly monk at peace with himself and the universe or a creepy sociopath who does not mind murdering a soul.

There are many ways that people can practice and fail attempted self-awareness, ending up with increased arrogance, poor self-esteem, and all sorts of delusions. However, more interesting is the question of whether people try to judge their own thoughts at all. Freedom from self-judgment could be the door to divine harmony and peace, or unrestrained selfishness.

But do you ever wonder why people do the things they do? The world is full of different kinds of personalities and this came to reality when I got into the MEST program. Interacting with 60 brilliant minds from four different countries in Africa made me want to study more on different personalities.

Getting to know the difference between the Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels and Explorers will help anyone to interact well with each and every individual, but how do you get to know the difference if you do not know yourself? It is a great idea to get to know yourself well for you to understand your fellow humans.

There are many ‘solutions’ to getting to yourself well. Some people find themselves by practicing Yoga or meditation. Technology has made it easy to make algorithms that try match people with their personalities. So how do we get to know ourselves? My next blog will be about getting to know yourself well.