A Clearer Picture Of America

I’m getting a clearer picture of modern day America these days than at any time before in my seventy one years on the planet. It’s like Facebook and Twitter have both elevated and lowered the caliber of the national conversation to a point that I can only call an awakening. The mainstream media and by extension, established business, social and political organizations are understandably discounting this phenomena because it doesn’t suit their purposes having an informed public. They want to govern and push medicine, foods and other products that may even be harmful, like microwave ovens and deny the public any facts that may hurt sales. However, an overwhelming majority of Americans want to see human life being raised above the corporate bottom line and they are finding ways to fight back.

The events of the last two weeks were especially significant. People had been hearing racists and Nazis railing for months about starting a race war and “not our president” Trump was supportive of the neo-Nazis and white supremacists from within the White House. So when the Charlottesville, Virginia rally took off, everyone knew it wasn’t just about free speech, and Trump stood ready to blame Antifa for any of the fighting that we all expected. The fascists and racists didn’t disappoint. Even the police helped put the two opposing groups together and then stepped back to let them do battle. Afterwards they let them all escape. I guess it was ‘to be continued.’ That brings us to Boston, but before that, Facebook and Twitter exploded with pictures of individual neo-Nazis and white supremacist chanting “Jews will not replace us,” and whatever they were thinking they were doing, it backfired. I’m sure no one was expecting to get fired or arrested so that they would never be able to take their revolution to Boston the following week.

Meanwhile, a beleaguered Donald Trump had to walk back his open support for racists and white nationalist troublemakers and take a more moderate position as president of the United States. So now in Boston, we have 50 to 75, (but I would put it closer to 50) beleaguered “freespeachers” huddled under a gazebo surrounded by 40 thousand angry protesters. So what did the fascists and racists do? They changed tactics. Trying to shamefully embarrass a large number of whites to join them had the opposite effect, so they started claiming not to be bigoted but only fed up with -blank- (take your pick) “and their disrespect for our flag and our most sacred songs.” I’d call it the ‘I’m Loosing My Patience’ syndrome. Who knows weather or not the media could have made that work out because before we knew it we were staring at a category 4 hurricane named Harvey churning in the Gulf of Mexico.

I would have stopped there but Trump’s policies and his behavior won’t let me. His insensitivity to people and their problems was evident from his stand on healthcare alone, but three days of rain drowning everything in sight and all he can think of to say is “What a crowd. What a turnout.” Who was there to see him? Those people need help. This is beyond stupid and oblivious. This is so ugly it’s evil. I would even say bordering on Satanic. And to top it of, his fans are calling him Jesus Christ. That’s what the Bible says about the Last Days, people will “take the Mark of the Beast” and follow the Antichrist. Whatever that may mean, this nation is full of darkness in high places and that’s why we’re suffering ethically, morally and spiritually. Everything, including church is corrupt. Joel Olsteen and his giant megachurch had to be shamed into helping Houston’s flood victims. No matter how you look at it, it’s time. These really seem like the last days because wickedness is everywhere, even church.

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