RIP Democratic Party
Yvonne C. Claes

The revolution is not being televised but it is definitely happening. The decent people are disgusted. The images coming out of Nevada are revealing the fact that this is not a democracy any more. In fact, I don’t know what to call this. If it’s not criminal, what is? The entire process from the beginning was fixed, but that wasn’t enough.

I’m thinking about college basketball’s March Madness. It’s already fixed to work a certain way. The number 1 ranked teams play the 16th seed in each division. If it operated like the Democratic Party and the MSM, once the #1 seed started losing badly; the referees would start calling the game ridiculously unfair, while the scorers table would start shaving points from the winners and padding them onto the losing. #1 seed’s score until everyone knew that the game was a travesty.

People wouldn’t stand for that even in a basketball game, so how are they expected to accept it when our very nation is at stake? In the above scenario many students on both sides would be more than offended. And in this election everyone should be just as offended and want to set things right. To agree with this is to participate in the fall of America.

I believe that game wouldn’t get finished because college aged young people wouldn’t even try to understand the obvious wrong. And the winners’ fans would not remain in their seats and quietly go home at the end of the night. American’s expect justice and fair play in sports so why would the DNC and Hillary democrats think they would not expect the same in politics. Play the game fairly!

However, as if this wasn’t bad enough, the media goes blind. Nobody sees a thing. They ignore everything until there is rioting in the streets, as usual. Only this time it won’t just be blacks.