New Australian flag?

Edit: Since this original article was published i received some feedback about the original designs and then made another simplified design based on our green + gold colours and the Southern Cross, an identifiable symbol for all Australians (not just bogans). This doesn’t mean everyone will like it, but its more likely a majority will like it. This is both similar to other green and gold designs whilst still a unique design so i hope you like it.

The original flags i designed with the want to incorporate both our past and our future, and this one i feel achieves that whilst being more original to our true identity with the green and gold and the southern cross.

Here is a part of the story i added for this flag (as every flag needs a story).

The southern cross is a good universally recognised symbol for southern hemisphere countries (the crux most visible in southern skies), as well as being particularly symbolic for Australians, and the green and gold makes it our own. The green and gold symbolises the bush and the beach, and our wattle tree.
Although there is contrasting clashing of culture and ideas in our great southern land, its our natural landscape, love of competition through sport, and common egalitarian decency that brings us together. The southern cross shines above all Australians, it symbolises the past — the Aboriginal peoples used star maps, that included the southern cross, to navigate their travels, and the southern cross was always on our flag representing our diggers in times of war — and also the future symbolising our dreams of progress through unity and envisions of travelling to the stars.
Green and Gold Southern Cross

The original blog post is still as below.

New Australian flag?
I designed these new alternative Australian flags and thought they might be prospects for a new flag whether we become a republic or not. The inspiration was a combination of both the current flag, the Aboriginal flag and the kangaroo from kangaroo road signs. I think such a flag can also help in further reconciliation and recognition for the Aboriginal Australian peoples.

Due credit for inspiration is given to the designers and owners of the Aboriginal Australian flag, the current Australian flag, the initial designer of the kangaroo road sign, and the nature and shape of our great country.
Full acknowledgement and respect for the Aboriginal peoples of Australia (the traditional owners of the land) is given.

Feel free to reuse, remix etc, as they’re fair use works based on appropriation/collaboration of existing flags mentioned above, 
(but differing in both colour and elements and so permitted under fair use). These designs are provided only in good faith and are subject to Creative Commons (CC BY-NC 3.0 AU
(free for share and adapt for non commercial uses in Australia).
SVG files can be provided on request.

Australian Republic’s: Reconciliation of Australia Flag
A variation featuring an Australian kangaroo
various other potential designs