Thank You Guys

I think I would express myself better in English, so…let me get started.

Probably you have heard that I was leaving (Viscovery).

It is really a pity that I cannot devote more, designing algorithms and products any further — where one of my lifelong passions lies on. I remember I couldn’t be any happier when I received this offer from Amos one year ago, especially it is me aspiring a chance to work in software industry, creating products being instilled with the magnificent power of machine learning algorithms — the things that everyone in academic and corporate world talks about but not really much people could master it, use it, and turn algorithms into lucrative business.

But still, I feel thankful. I feel even more knowledgeable in various aspects. There are always guys teaching me how to deliver codes which are neat enough, well-structured, interpretable and readable. There are always flexible durations I could learn as much side knowledge as possible. There are seemingly endless invitations to order afternoon teas together. There are always warm smiles on all of you. I feel lucky working with you.

I believe, it is me letting you guys feel I am shy, less responsive, and unique to some extent. Those stereotypes annoy me also, but I cannot help myself dive deep into my thoughts cracking some engineering/life/etc. problems effectively — often the case, I am pondering, and I love those moments. Thank you so much for allowing me act in that way, I really do. Plus, I really do enjoy getting along with any of you.

Please, especially for my algorithm team’s members, treasure my legacy. Every algorithm I’d developed is like my own child. You cannot imagine seeing me pissed off if an algorithm malfunctions — I CARE it much. Some magic numbers used inside, if you would like to change it from 0.001 to 0.0001, that really matters A LOT. Don’t Don’t, seriously, change it simply because some coding convenience. Please experiment it with MASSIVE data to see if it matters. I still believe, what I’d developed would be truly instrumental to your further advancement.

Last, please appreciate any human resource you’ve got. They are not like chess simply being moved around to meet the political changes or budgetary constraints. Everyone has its talent being exposed and discovered, and DIVERSITY is so crucial for a successful startup. You’ll never know how huge impact would be when you’re losing one chess — pick them carefully beforehand.

Wish all of you reach where you would like to be. It is such a blessing to work with you in Viscovery, or Funwish, or 創意引晴. See you around!