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This article is about how I went through my job hunt for a full time position as a software engineer in New York City and ended up with my dream job. I had spent two years building my skills and had aspirations to work at a top tech company with a high bar for engineering excellence.

I knew this goal would not be easy to achieve, especially without a CS degree, barely having any network in New York City, and having to compete against engineers from top schools. …

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Containers have taken over the software world by storm — and for good reason.

They’ve proven vital for DevOps and deployment, and have a multitude of uses for developers. And this goes not only for large companies, but for independent developers as well. In fact, containers played a vital role in the development and deployment of our project SpaceCraft.

In this article, we’re going to give an introduction to containers and explain their core features. We’ll then showcase their uses in software development and cover some important topics regarding security and resource management. Along the way, we’ll give a peek…

In this blog post, I want to provide a list of books and resources that I’ve found useful as I worked through the Launch School core curriculum and Capstone. I’ll focus on the ones that I feel are most relevant for the general reader (a student in the core curriculum or Capstone) while also avoiding niche topics that may be too specific (such as containers, P2P architecture, NoSQL databases, etc).

The rule of thumb that I used for selecting these resources is that it needed to run parallel with the course that I was currently studying, while giving me some…

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In this article, I wanted to write about the changes I’ve made in my own ability to learn new subjects and material through my journey at Launch School. I think that it’s crucial for anyone in a knowledge-driven field to analyze how they learn and improve these skills, and that goes double for software developers.

Software development demands a near constant learning of new technologies and areas in order to stay sharp, stand on the forefront of technology, and remain hirable in the future. …

I’ve just completed the 209 Assessment and wanted to reflect on my experience in studying for and completing it. Thus far, this assessment was the hardest one for me and I solidified an incredible amount of HTML & CSS material in my brain for the assessment. In this post, I want to go over my thoughts on the course, assessment, and what I think is the best study plan for it.

Caveat: I completed this assessment after finishing the 201 course, which has since been replaced by 202. While there are differences in the content between the two courses, there…

There are few things as anxiety-inducing as being interviewed for a job or as an assessment over coursework. It goes beyond merely stressful and creates a host of physical reactions: sweaty palms, shaky legs, labored breathing, a queasy stomach, and much more. All while your performance will ultimately determine your potential grades, salary, and career opportunities.

It’s no wonder that our ability to solve problems and answer technical questions degrades substantially under these conditions! And yet, many people brush off these concerns and hold onto an illusion of superior competence while under trial by fire. …

I’ve recently completed the Programming & Back-End Development coursework at Launch School and wanted to take the time to pause and reflect on the experience, as well as consider the road ahead. The past 9 months at Launch School have been an incredible experience in my growth as a software engineer and student, and I think it’s important to reflect on the past to improve the future.

The Difference in Launch School

Right before I started studying at Launch School in April 2017, I had just completed a 6-month online boot camp in web development. The boot camp had seemed to offer a solid program…

Julius Zerwick

Software Engineer @ DigitalOcean. Co-creator of SpaceCraft: a real-time, collaborative REPL.

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