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Nowadays, it seems that we are all either going to therapy, self-prescribing replacements for therapy, or telling people to go to therapy. It’s become the uncontested mantlepiece of First World well-being strategies.

The history of psychotherapy draws the origins of modern therapy from religious, magical, and medical approaches to the…


What it’s like to live in a 50 square-foot micro apartment in Seoul

Source: Sim Gyu-Dong, “Goshitel”

In the first week, I broke everything: a $2 plate from Daiso, which I’d loved for its spunky polka-dots. A cylindrical holder for my travel-friendly toothbrush and mini toothpaste. Finally, a precious Royal Albert mug I’d been given as a gift that spring.


I looked numbly at the elegant…

What happens in a world with too much information?

One podcast episode, two titles. The first (top) switched into the second (bottom) after just a few hours today.

I’m old enough to remember how it was before.

We watched and discussed the same shows at school. My mother read the local, provincial, and ethnic news. Occasionally we turned on the radio. If we didn’t know something, it was because we just didn’t have access to the right answers — whether because we couldn’t find a book at…

The different lives we lead.

My mother in her youth.

The piano had originally been bought for my brother.

Grandfather had it shipped to our house in Canada, a compact and charming Yamaha that arrived one morning in the spring. Though my parents were befuddled, it was agreeably a better gift than the baby violin he had bought for me…

I find myself asking this question every time I fall in love.

Victor Jorgensen, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

Up until the past decade in certain circles, I was immersed in a cacophony of voices asking about whether homosexuality should be allowed, and in what terms. This was, of course, because I was religious, and the idea of queerness was incredibly threatening to some monotheistic communities which had built…

She survived four wars to die alone at the age of 103

When I close my eyes and think of her, this is what I see.

She is rushing through a wide plain with long strands of grass that reach all the way up to her bony shoulders. …

Julladonna Park

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