Kehinde Adewale
Adviser project JULLA

The waves of financial revolutions sweeping our present world is becoming fascinating as blockchain has responded in answering so many age long questions of wealth decentralization.

Though, cryptocurrency powered by blockchain is the vehicle for financial justice and social reengineering, yet there are many blockchain projects that are without good faith, in other words, they are scam or shitcoins. Liquidation of such projects is the core mission of project Jullar. Shitcoin owners will be compensated when their shitcoins are liquidated by Jullar.


For a layman, shitcoin is an altcoin that has become worthless, that has no value because the altcoin itself was not created in good faith, or because the price was based on speculation.

There is emission of shitcoins every day and people keep losing their hard earned money to the drainage of scam projects without any hope of recovery any time soon.


Have you ever thought of shitcoin free cryptocurrency ecosystem? Yes, it’s already happening, welcome to the new reality of cryptocurrency ecosystem as Jullar introduce a power packed, revolutionary product; Global Eradication of Shitcoin (GES). GES is the new wind of change happening now to crypto sphere; it is eradicating, liquidating and cleansing cryptocurrency ecosystem of everywhere shitcoin is discovered.

Liquidation of shitcoins has now become the natural part of global cryptocurrency ecosystem. At Jullar, it’s our mission and moral responsibilities to get rid of shitcoins from crypto sphere and make it healthy and profitable investment hub for every stakeholder.

Series of studies has shown that the rate of failed to successful blockchain projects is 94% failed while only 6% succeeded. Now imagine hundreds of millions of dollar of investments that has gone into failed projects without hope of recovery, this created a big need for eradication and liquidation of these shitcoins, this is a problem that Jullar ecosystem will solve.

Its either you join the change and we achieve our common goals together or you are a spectator of the change when it happens, it is up to you to decide the path to go, but Jullar offers you a safe ride.