Kehinde Adewale
Adviser project JULLAR

Project Jullar has launched a large scale referral program for its community members as part of it ongoing commitment to foster equal participation to all stakeholders, the referral program is for everyone to participate regardless of who you are or your background, it is large enough to accommodate everyone.

This referral program is different from the usual prevalent practice in the industry where referral program is designed to favor some predetermined individual, but with Jullar there will be an equal opportunity for all and sundry to take advantage of the popularity and goodwill of our project to make money. You will be paid in eth base on the amount of Jullar purchase by your referral up to 6% bonus.

We believe that everyone has the potential for assisting the development of our project. We have received over 500 offers from various companies that are somehow able to contribute to the development of our project. The total cost is calculated, for 6 months, about 15 million dollars of investment.

Our team quickly makes decisions and finds unique ways of solving problems with everyone who is connected with the world of crypto currency.

We found a solution and not just a solution, but a close mutually beneficial relationship between you and your users. Everyone who participates in our project receives that reward, which is able to earn on its own resources.


Pool of 50,000 Eth bonus structure has been set aside to reward everyone that participates in the referral program;

<1 ETH 2%,

1> 5 ETH 4%,

5> ETH 6%

Another uniqueness of this program is the dependence of the buyer on the partner. The buyer receives a bonus in the JUL tokens, only by switching to the purchase of JUL tokens from the referral link partner.

The purchase of JUL tokens on the JULLAR site without the participation of a partner does not give the buyer additional bonuses, in this case it is not difficult to guess that all purchases will be made through partners, it remains only to find such a partner !!!

…to be continued