Kehinde Adewale
Adviser project JULLAR

Welcome to the concluding part of how to claim your share in the Jullar mega referral largess. We want you to have full understanding of uniqueness of our referral program.

Please note that for you to make money from our referral program, buy buttons to JUL token must pass through your referral link and you can invite as many as you can reach no ceiling on the number of referral you can introduce to Jullar.

To the bloggers and website owners, you are in for a big deal as Jullar is ready to support you to earn more from our mega referral program, all you need to do is send the logo in png format 200x100px, your referral code and the JULLAR project link on your website. We will bring you to the site as a partner of the project, and the buyer will be able to choose a referral bonus code by clicking on the referral partner’s logo.

For each of you, active social networkers and online influencers, I personally invite you to build long-term partnership with us. Payment of the ETH bonus from the affiliate program is held at the beginning of each new week. Welcome, good work.

A lot of hard work, commitment and dedications have gone into Jullar which gives us confidence that Jullar will be safe haven for crypto investors in the future, we are only inviting you to take advantage from our labour and hard work.