Kehinde Adewale 
adviser project JULLAR

The Initial Coin Offering phenomenon has started to play a significant role in the crypto-startup world. Lately, more and more experts are looking to decentralized crowd-funding methods with interest.

But, the absence of legal guidelines in the operation of these ICOs has resulted in more than a few scams. This is hardly abnormal for an entirely new, unregulated field; but, would-be investors, nonetheless, find it difficult to discern potential opportunities from grab-the-money-and-run schemes.

The single largest question ask by every investor is the security of their investment, for them to satisfy this question they will do due diligence, with a very deep inquisitive research in other to avoid or preempt he pitfall of their investment adventure.

But very unfortunately that few of this investors escape the snare of scam investment, because even though they search deeper there are something that will still be vision to their radar, their due diligence can be as a result of their past investment experiences, the viability of the project, the project team etc, but a very crafty scam project can give them all the information they require, even they can “buy” good ratings for their project that will make it difficult for any investor to see any red flag in the intended investment.


Project Jullar will be every investor’s confidence and a platform to answer curious question of ICO projects. Project Jullar technology will take care of every investor’s nightmare and their investment worries by deploying of ICO Scanning Jullar, It will do the job of deeper verifications of ICO projects for reliability, quality of smart contracts, token economy and other legal and economic studies so as to send a warning signals to investors about a possible risk of investment losses.

Also as a result of findings of ICO Scanning Jullar, ratings will be created for reliable ICO projects collected and it will be available on Jullar catalog, this ratings will only be on the basis of merit of the scanned projects for investment pleasure of investors in other to discourage emissions of shitcoins.

ICO Scanning Jullar service will provide the content of the smart contract of ICO projects, addresses of tokens and addresses of crowdsale, the number of buyers participating in the ICO, the total fund raised from the sales of the ICO, the numbers of unique investors, the information provided by the ICO projects official website will be verified, the information located in the blockchain of the ICO projects and other official sources with detailed provision of information to the users of the project Jullar about the result of the check in other for them to make an informed investment decisions.