Kehinde Adewale
Adviser project JULLAR

We couldn’t conclude why you must not delay in buying Jullar token in our earlier edition, we will tell you further why there will even be more demand for Jullar in future.


Jullar ecosystem is powered by a revolutionary new age technology that will eliminate shitcoin project, many things has been factored in this technological project to bring about checks and balances so that there can be equal playing ground for all stakeholders in blockchain projects. When investors see fairness and transparency many people will partner in the growth of the ecosystem, in fact, institutional investors are already defining terms of engagement with our project, and this will spike growing demand of our ecosystem.


The total supply of Jullar token is 1,000,000,000, 40% of which will be reserved and sold within a year is not more than 200 JULLARS tokens per unique address Ethereum wallet, with a limited offer of JULLAR tokens per month., only 600,000,000, Jullar will be in circulation and because of the uniqueness of our project there will be growing demand every day, the community will be populated. So 600M circulation supply is only small to relative future demand of Jullar token, only those who position themselves early will enjoy the advantage of future growth and demand of Jullar ecosystem.

The reason Jullar demand will increase in the future can never be overemphasized, considering the ongoing profligration of shitcoins on blockchain, there is need for checks and balances, there is need for Jullar.


Almost everyone has experienced sad investment in shitcoin, which has eventually led to investment loss. Now imagine the number of investors that has had this bad investment experiences who are seeking genuine platform to trust for future investments decision. Also note that the list of victims are unending on daily basis, what do you think will happen when all this victims seek refuge and trust on Jullar platform? The growth will be very exponential because there will be more demand of Jullar than supply.

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