Are you in search of things you must do in order to enter the music industry in 2018? Do you have what it takes to succeed in the music industry? See, just because you have a knowledge about music, doesn’t mean you know about the music industry.

Most people think they are going to automatically be useful in the music industry because they went to school and studied music. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like that.

When it comes to launching a career in music, it is important you know some basics. That is what I am about to share with you in this post. Record companies don’t just welcome people who bring great music and great talent. Instead they welcome individuals with both music and good business skills.

Before you think of entering into the music industry, you must know how to produce music, create a relationship with record labels, and succeed with other aspects of the music industry. The possibility of you entering into the music industry in 2018 will lie on your ability to prove that you are worth it.

So, if you want to make 2018 your year of entering into the music industry, here are 15 things you must know as a music person aspiring to enter into the music industry.

1.You Must Be Optimistic

Should I call it a skill you must possess to enter into the music industry? I think I should because the fact remains that you will need to be optimistic at all turns to be able to control yourself. When you are optimistic, you will be able to overcome any challenges that will come your way during the journey.

Surely, you will be tested. But, try not to take things too personally as there are thousands of people fighting like you to get into the music industry. If you take things too personally, you will get frustrated and throw in the towel along the way. So, you have to be optimistic!

2.You Must Be Good at Your Craft

It is impossible to enter the music industry as a novice. If by chance you were able to get in because someone favored you, you won’t go far in the game. You must be excellent at your craft, and this can only be possible if you have a music teacher or a mentor who is helping you become better.

Study those successful ones already in music with years of experience and learn from them. Listen to all music irrespective of the genre and try to see the beauty in it. Music is not just about what you must do, but it is about what you must become to succeed in the music game.

3.You Will Need to Hustle As Hard As You Can

The music industry is filled with competition. Everyone wants to become the next superstar. Auditions are going on in different places and many people are trying their best to enter into the music industry through those paths.

To enter into the music industry, you must be ready to hustle harder than your contemporaries. You must study and take action in whatever it will take to get you into the industry. Many artists who you celebrate today and call your models or icons had to sleep in studios so they wouldn’t miss their studio section. Some had to save their allowances so they can afford studio sections too.

You may need to do more than that to get into the industry. So, get ready to hustle hard and be strong.

4.You Don’t Have to be a Musician to Enter the Music Industry

You must not be a musician to get into the music industry. There are people who got into the music industry as DJs. Some went in as producers, some as songwriters, while others as sound engineers. Some are even managers to these top artists and they don’t even know how to sing or play any instrument.

Forcing yourself to become a musician so you can gain entrance into the music industry won’t help you.

The truth is that not everyone in the music industry has a musical background, but most do. If all you know what to do in music is play the piano, drum or bass the guitar, it is fine, but, be ready to work very hard to make your way through.

Simon Cowell has no knowledge in music, yet he is successful and auditing people who want to start a musical career.

5.Be Careful Who You Take Advice From

It is just natural for people to take advice from anyone as long as the advice is good to the ear. The only people you should take advice from are people who are where you want to be in the music industry or who are working in the music industry and know a lot about the game.

The best advice can only come from those who have failed many times and through their failures became successful in the music industry. These are the people who can help make the journey less stressful for you.

6.Join a Street Team

Joining a street team is a good way to get your foot into the music industry in 2018 and make some important connection, especially if you don’t have any musical experience. There is always a street team in any state if you do your research very well and ask questions.

As a member of a street team, you will have the opportunity to give out promotional materials like stickers and CDs to record stores and coffee shops.

When you help to promote different artists and local shows in your community, you are networking without knowing it. Many music labels and companies prefer to pick a talented artist from street teams because they know that these people must have gone to many competitions and will be easy to groom.


You must have heard this before, “It’s not what you know but who you know”. This saying has a big role in the music industry due to the competition I must confess. If you live in a place where you don’t have the opportunity to network with top people in the music industry, you should make use of social media platforms to build a network.

Follow people who work in the music industry through social media and engage with them to start a conversation and build a relationship. The best way to engage with them is through asking them questions. You will be surprised, how many of them will be glad to give advice if you ask.

8.Find a Mentor

You can’t succeed in the music industry without someone holding your hands and connecting you with the stars in the industry. Finding a music mentor is another way to get into the music industry.

Chris Brown was a mentor to Justin Bieber and today you can see what has become of Bieber. So also was Jay-Z to Kanye West. Now, Kanye is making millions today in the music industry.

You will need a mentor to enter into the music industry if you want to move fast up the ladder. The opportunity you may be expecting can come from a chosen mentor you have been loyal to just like in the case of Lil Bow Wow.

9.Reviews Don’t Translate into Recording Deals

Reviews are good, but have a limit to where they can take you. They may help get your name out, but that doesn’t guarantee that you will get the attention of many recording companies that are looking for an artist with whom to sign a deal.

Radio play is much more effective than reviews in getting you signed.

Reviews are just one part of the picture. They can get you noticed and can even get people to invite you for shows. But, if you don’t work very hard in leveraging on those reviews in turning it into something else, it will just be there on the site ranking top in your genre of music.

10.You Must Keep Learning

You can’t be excellent at music without learning it first. The industry is constantly changing, if you don’t update yourself, you will be surprised how you will be kicked out of the industry in no time by new talents and skills.

11.Always Say Yes

If you are being offered a music job that you are not interested in, never say no to it. Don’t ever say no. That job may be all you need to step into the music industry. Every opportunity is an opportunity that you need to take advantage of.

Being given a role as a photographer, assistant audio engineer, or promoter improves your chance of getting your dream role in the music industry. Haven’t you heard about people who became a superstar from just being a studio boy?

12.Be Fearless

If you really want to enter into the music industry in 2018, you really have to be fearless. Never be afraid to explore every territory. It takes gut to enter into the industry and succeed. If you don’t have the mind, will-power, and the ‘I will make it’ mindset, it will be difficult for you.

If you play it safe, you are playing it quiet. You need to go as far as it will take you to get noticed in the industry. Get out of your comfort zone. People hardly make it there when they do what they want and when they feel like.

13.Love What You Do

What you must know to enter the music industry in 2018 is that if it is the fame and money that is your number one reason you want to get into the music industry, then it is most likely not for you.

The passion and fire for doing music must be there. Money and fame comes after the success and not before. You must show love for what you do and people will see it in you and take you up from there.

You must know that if you are not passionate about what you want to become in the music industry, you will easily give up when you meet with many obstacles.

14.Start a Music Blog

I know you are surprised at this point. You are surprised because you have not heard about people that got into the music industry by just blogging about music. I am sure you have not heard about Jacob Moore, the creator of the popular music blog Pigeons and Planes.

Starting a music blog and growing it is one way you can enter the music industry in 2018. You will surely succeed with it if you are dedicated and passionate about it. Starting a blog is a great way to interact with people with interest in the industry.

Through blogging, you can get a music job as an online promoter for top artists and brands. You may become the number one person to call on when it comes to promoting music concerts and events in your state or city.

But please, the only way you can enter into the music industry through blogging is when you are doing it for the passion and not for money.

If money is your only motivator, you will surely not blog for long as you won’t be dedicated to building your audience. When you don’t see the money coming after months of blogging, you will likely give up.

If blogging has always been something that you have had a passion for, you can enter into the music industry with it.

15.Give Out Freebies

This may be my last point, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start with this in 2018. Be very willing to do free shows. This is how people get noticed by top recording labels and they get signed.

If you wait till you get paid to perform, you might possibly wait forever. Go to the studio, record a track, and give it out to record stores, DJs, and event planners for free. Put it out on the internet for people to download and use for anything they like.

Giving out freebies, which includes doing free shows and giving out your track to radio stations to play for free, is a way of promoting your craft for free or at a cheap rate.

In conclusion

If you can stick with any of these 15 tips or all of them, you are certain to make your way into the music industry in 2018.

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