One with the woodwork

So, recently I’ve reconstructed my room from a confused stylistic mess to an area of clean, rosy esthetics. Before the transformation, I managed to accumulate multiple trends of room décor that in the end, caused frazzled thoughts and no space for enjoyment. I wanted to keep these trends because they sprouted from my whimsical nature and charisma but organize them in a simplified manner. Now, my personal space is filled to the brim with collections that evoke delightful vibes. The finest part of my room is that its ornamentation is a personal settlement: books standing upright, an orchid on the shelf, candles burning to my favored scent (usually lavender infused). But, in short, I’ve become one with the woodwork.

Despite the dusty and backbreaking reality of moving furniture and obliterating every speck from the molding, refurbishing your space can be the reason for a successful new you. There is a specific concept to home, and the layout of your room should reflect this. The new blueprints inspired me to tidy-up more, work harder and strut my eccentricity, and this perception is one that every person should feel.

A season change is the perfect time for redecorating. The tranquility of spring, or any annual equinox at that, is a great opportunity to reconsider the relationship between you and your interior design.

Get inspired

Seasons come and go before you can even get settled into their changes. During this time of year, the weather softens, crocuses push up from the ground, and trees break into blossom. So, take this shift in temperature to your advantage. But, before all else, open the windows, throw on your favorite sweatpants — but not unattractive ones, it’s important to reflect the bedroom you’re about to create, and jam out to a redecorating playlist, which I’ve made especially for you, because I assume we all don’t have a redecorating playlist. You’re welcome.

Out with the old

Now for the most dreaded, but anticipated exertion: the cardboard box boldly labeled “garbage.” It is best to completely gut your room before adding anything new. By the end of this ritual, I had garbage bags full of unuseful gizmos and gadgets. I follow one rule for this process and one rule only: If you have not used the item, or piece of clothing, in over three months, it is time for you to release the grip on it. It is easy to say, but tougher to do. I had a TV pitched on my wall for as long as I can remember. No, I did not watch TV. Ever. But for some reason I had a connection with it that I felt could not be forgotten. It took a lot of mental efforts for me to remove the screws, but now, I have a huge, blank wall that is waiting to be canvassed for other use.

In with the new

Bringing in new items to your bedroom is intriguing. There are certain elements I believe a room should have: color, sophistication and convenience. So, I’ve rummaged up three components that can be the difference between ordinary and extraordinary.

A large part of the visual seduction for spring is the first blossom of nature. I jump right onto the bandwagon of collecting flowers. But, we do not all have the luxury of a green thumb, or the time to maintain such florets, so I utilize fake plants. Yes. Fake. It is a tough thought to overcome, because most counterfeits look like they’ve spent too long in the manufacturer’s hands, but, they are friendly to my wallet and last me the spring, summer, and well, forever. For men, these girly posies may not be your cup of tea, but green plants are always a go. An indoor garden, or a single bud (real or fake) will add extravagance into your bedroom.

Learn the language of reading. Books can be the perfect touch to add intelligence and a hint of expression into the surface. It is common self-etiquette to present yourself as knowledgeable, and your bedroom should show this as well. Books can be used for other purposes rather than leisure time, especially for decorating purposes. Piled, stacked, on a shelf, under a drink or tacked to the walls, paperbacks and hardcovers are an ideal adornment.

If not in your room already, a bedside table is priority: it is the link between you and your needs throughout the night. Whether it be a glass of water or a box of tissues, this diminutive piece of furniture will be ready to serve. More times than not, once flopped into bed I am far too lazy to return to my feet. I often go to sleep with an empty nightstand, but by morning it is scattered with bobby pins and a water bottle that I somehow accumulated throughout the night. This side piece can become your sweetest companion, the way it has to me.

Final touches

Every corner should be fully dusted at this point, but adding a bit more shine has never hurt anybody. Take out the broom and give your room a final sweep before calling it quits. I hate this part, probably like most others, but once it’s over, I’ve never regretted it.

The bedroom should be a timeless, neutral space. There is always personalization that would be impossible to literate. With that being said, the job of refurbishing is completely in your hands. Top the room off with your grandmother’s spoon collection or your favorite map. Bring items to the table that exemplify your singularity. This is what makes your room your room.


I’ve finished all of my redecorating for the season, so perhaps it’s best if I pass the baton. If the day comes where you have an inkling to get working and make order of your own chaos, conjure up new thoughts, beginnings and excitement about a newly scuffed room.