Dear Pulpettes,

Have you ever read Ross Gay’s “Book of Delights”?

If you have not, let me take a minute. If you have, please revel with me in what an incredibly revolutionary book it is. Gay, who is a modern ecstatic poet driven by the pursuit of joy, conceived of “Book of Delights” when, on his 42nd birthday, he decided to try to write a mini essay everyday for one year about something that delighted him. He wrote:

“It didn’t take me long to learn that the discipline or practice of writing these essays occasioned a kind of delight radar…

Dear angel loves of our lives,

This hot take will be coming to you on a holiday, and I hope you’re actually getting the chance to take some time off.

It’s hard, isn’t it, figuring out how to find a baseline in all of this? Already prone to workaholism and mania, I am struggling to make time for myself away from the computer. It’s particularly hard when we’re trying to pivot PULP towards an independent future — it’s easy to work all the time.

We’ve been conditioned to work all the time, to produce as a measure of our worth…

Dear angel babies,

Like most people on Instagram, I have been baking a metric ton of bread since entering Shelter in Place over two months ago.

Of course, it’s never been that there’s been a lack of bread. For my household, it hasn’t even been that it’s cheaper to make bread than buy it (we’re lucky we can work from home). However, the making of bread has been a physiological act of anxiety-reducing. A kind of somatic therapy.

In addition to helping my mental health, baking bread has also been a way I’ve been contributing to the homeless encampments in…

July Westhale

co-founding executive editor of Writer, translator, professor, media roustabout. Gender queer (she/they).

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