Five Free Online Resources for Learning Angular 2

Angular is a framework for building modern applications. The Angular Team at Google Inc. released version two few months ago. The learning curve of this newer version is simpler than Angular1.x. Below are some helpful resources for getting started and mastering Angular 2:

  1. :

This is the official website for Angular 2 framework. There are a lot of resources here ranging from features to documentations.

2. :

Rangle is a company that plan, design and develop modern applications. They developed Angular 2 training book and it is very comprehensive.

3. Microsoft Virtual Academy (MVA):

MVA have an excellent course on Angular 2.

4. Youtube video from Google on Angular 2:

This video gives you an overview and key concepts of Angular 2.

5. Mindspace Angular 2 Youtube video:

Mindspace explains the nitty-gritty of Angular 2 including how to setup development environment.

Please fill feel to add to the list and I will review and include if necessary. Leave your comment(s) below.

Happy learning!