By Kathleen Boyse, Jump Associates. To contact Kathleen, email

Over the last several months my associate Sean Young and I have been hosting insight and innovation lunches and summits in Dallas, SF, Minneapolis and Chicago. In doing so, we’ve noticed a common theme around the evolution of the market research role.

Folks have noticed that the role isn’t what it used to be — it’s better! The role of the market research professional has grown tremendously over the last several years, both in importance as well as increased responsibility. Now commonly referred to as an insights professional, the most…

Interview by Nate Cusick

There are a growing number of articles being published shedding light on a new trend in the consumer insights and market research realm — consumer empathy. I had the opportunity to chat with Kathleen Boyse, VP of Strategy and Insights at Jump Associates, to uncover what consumer empathy really is, and why your team should be focusing on it. Jump is a strategy and innovation consulting firm that helps companies grow. Their CEO, Dev Patnaik, wrote a book on empathy — quite literally. The book is titled Wired to Care. …

All companies have different ways of creating new products and services. Despite that, there are a few patterns that show up consistently. At Jump, we like to call those patterns the different “cultures” of innovation. One such pattern has to do with execution. Great executors (like GE and FedEx) are masters of sharp focus and efficient machine-making.

Many of the Fortune 500 companies that we work with do their best innovation this way. They’ve built infrastructure that excels at launching products globally, coordinating thousands of employees and operating at massive scale.

These companies often ask us what they can learn…

Kinjal Vasavada, Jump Associates, in conversation with Dr. J. Andrew Chacko. To contact Kinjal, email her at And be sure to check out Dr. Chacko’s website and Medium page.

The views and opinions expressed in this conversation are limited to the individuals below and do not reflect the official policy or position of any agency, organization, employer or company.

I had the pleasure of discussing technology and the future of healthcare with doctor, designer, and chief shepherd Dr. J. Andrew Chacko. Dr. Chacko’s journey is a quilt of colorful experiences. He’s a seasoned designer and innovator, a leading strategist…

By Kathleen Boyse, Jump Associates. To contact Kathleen, email

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While on my way back from an insights conference, I ran into a few of the attendees at the airport. As we chatted about the speakers, our conversation drifted to the word “insights” and what it means.

This group was well-versed in the world of consumer research, so I knew they weren’t asking about dictionary definitions. They wanted to know about the value of market research. Which insights are impactful? …

By Steven Howell, Jump Associates strategist. Feedback for Steven? Reach out directly at

Whether we’re thinking about prioritizing a to-do list for the day or shifting the vision of a company, we spent a lot of time trying to figure out the future. But there’s a problem — no matter how much information we have, the future is usually unpredictable. The bigger the problem we try to consider, the less likely it is that our prediction is right.

We’re always trying to figure out what the next big thing is. But the key to being future focused is counterintuitive…

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