JumpBites Edition #13: Self Healing Roads, Hot Wheels, Political Play Doh, and Mice

This is Jump Bites — a weekly amalgamation of fun Jump learnings by Cristina Cook

Bite #1 — The Dutch are Experimenting with Self Healing Roads

Erik Schlangen of Delft University in the Netherlands has been working on an asphalt mixture embedded with steel fibers that allow cracks to be repaired more quickly, allowing roads to last longer with less maintenance cost.

Bite #2 — Hot Wheels brings Injection Molding to the Home

Mattel has created a kid safe injection molding machine to allow kids to create their own Hot Wheels, creating a new refill revenue stream for their products.

Bite #3 — Play Doh gets political in France

These new print ads from Play Doh cover topics from racism to climate change to fringe science initiatives.

Bite #4–Infertile mice give birth with the help of 3D printed ovaries

Scientists from Northwestern’s Feinberg School of Medicine and McCormick School of Engineering have created “bioprosthetic” ovary structures that allow infertile mice to ovulate as well as birth and nurse healthy offspring.


Bite #5 — Google Lens augmented reality searches through your camera

Google Lens brings Google’s search engine past to life in a more real-time, seamless way to help users learn more about the world just by looking at it through their camera.

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