JumpBites Edition #17: Healthy Tattoos, Alcoholic Bubbles, Bedtime Wallpaper and More

This is Jump Bites — a weekly collection of interesting articles curated by Cristina Cook of Jump Associates

Bite #1 — Tattoo Health Trackers

MIT Media Lab researchers have developed tattoo inks that change color according to glucose and pH levels in the body. This could allow diabetics to track their blood sugar levels visually without the need for daily pin pricks.

Bite #2 — Wallpaper that tells bedtime stories!

Bite #3 — Live Action Mario

Live action Super Mario Level created for the groundbreaking of the Super Mario World area in Universal Studios Japan.

Bite #4 —Alcoholic Bubbles!

BubbleLick is a solution that allows you to mix in your favorite beverage (alcoholic or not) and blow them in bubble form.

Bite #5 — Mattel releases 5 new Ken dolls with different ethnicities and body types.

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