Expanding JUMP Across Sacramento to Reach More Riders

For every trip, you need the right option available at your fingertips — no matter if you’re going a few blocks or a few miles. As JUMP works toward helping our riders move away from reliance on personal cars, we’re thinking about all the possible times you’d hop in the car and go, and what smart, equally convenient option we could offer to get you there instead.

To that end, we launched JUMP pedal-assist e-bikes in Sacramento in May 2018, and are currently operating a fleet of 900 bikes. We’ve also heard from residents, city officials and local groups that they want more e-bikes to reach more people; so today we are excited to announce that we’re expanding our service area in Sacramento, Davis and West Sacramento by more than 50 percent. We will now be covering a total of 46 square miles.

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Because of the demand and positive feedback, we’ve expanded our service area north to The American River, south to Fruitridge Rd, east to Power Inn Rd. and west to the Sacramento River. We’re also expanding our service area in West Sacramento, growing southward into Southport, with boundaries reaching from Davis Rd to Jefferson Blvd. The new expansion areas incorporate over 100 suggestions from the public WikiMap voting campaign. In total, we’re adding 5.5 Square Miles of low income high minority areas (LIHM), which will increase our LIHM coverage by 50 percent in Sacramento.

This expansion is yet another demonstration of the fact that we’re continuing to deliver on our vision of bringing together multiple modes of transportation within the Uber app — so that users can choose the fastest or most affordable way to get where they’re going.

By Alex Hagelin, JUMP Launch GM, Sacramento

Written by

Your Ride — Electrified.

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