JUMP Bikes Go Farther, Get There Faster, And Are More Fun.

JUMP Bikes to launch San Francisco’s first electric bike share system

Earlier today, the SFMTA announced on their blog that JUMP has been given the first permit to launch an all electric bike share system in San Francisco.

We’re excited AF. We’ve worked hard over the past few months to put this pilot program in place the right way. We’ve talked to community groups, local bike lovers, politicians, businesses/organizations, and other stakeholders to ensure that the bike share we put in place serves all of San Francisco’s neighborhoods in addition to helping you conquer those SF hills on our e-bikes.

JUMP Bikes has demonstrated a commitment to San Francisco’s priorities of providing a safe, equitable and accountable bike share system and is the only company to have fulfilled the requirements of the SFMTA’s stationless bike share permit application. — The SFMTA

What Can SF Riders Expect?

We know that residents and visitors of San Francisco are going to absolutely love the feeling of riding a JUMP bike for the first time and love the convenience and joy of riding it day-in and day-out. We control both the hardware and software of our bikes which allows us to bring the most thoughtfully designed street bike to the market. Period.

JUMP e-bikes feature pedal assist which gives you a boost up to 20mph each time you pedal. This isn’t a scooter or motorcycle experience, it’s much more in tune with a real bike experience but gets you up hills and around town with much less effort. Our bikes also feature a true-locking design so that bikes are secured to bike racks and other bike parking infrastructure — just as they were intended to be. No #bikelitter here.

This is an 18 month pilot program that starts with 250 bikes and can double in size at the 9 month mark if done well. Which it will be.

When does it begin?

You’ll be hearing from us soon. Very soon.

Can’t wait? Download the JUMP Bikes app or visit www.jumpbikes.com

We shot a video of us and our friends riding around the streets (hills) of SF and you can check that out below.

Thank you to the SFMTA!

San Francisco, we’ll see you soon!