Launching a ton of e-bikes in Sacramento, Davis, and West Sacramento

Today, we’re introducing JUMP to the streets of Davis, West Sacramento, and Sacramento. We’re proud to partner with all three cities, the Sacramento Area Council of Governments, residents, and community groups. And, we’re excited to launch JUMP’s biggest system to date with eventually 900 e-bikes in total coming to the region.

To ride, download the JUMP Bikes app for your smartphone or visit to learn more. We’ll be rolling out access to the pay-as-you-go plan via the Uber app to users over time as well.

Oldschool meet Newschool. JUMP Bikes in California.

What This Means For Residents

Your commutes, weekend errands, last-minute late-night meetings, and joy rides all just got a lot faster, alot easier, more affordable, and a lot more fun.

Use the JUMP Bikes app to find and unlock a bike nearby, ride to your destination, and lock up to any bike rack to end your trip — all for just $1 for 15 minutes, and 7 cents a minute after that. Also, check the JUMP Bikes app for chances to earn discounts and ride credits when you end a ride at designated hubs on the map.

If you haven’t ridden a JUMP bike you’ll want to get used to the e-assist, the boost you experience as you pedal that can reach speeds up to 20mph. There’s no throttle, no buttons. It feels like riding a normal bike. But better.

To unlock a JUMP Bike, use your 6-digit member number, smartphone, or sync any RFID card via the menu of the bike’s rear keypad.

What This Means For Your Town

“We see electric bikes as a game changer that will get more people active and outdoors, and in turn, reduce congestion, reduce pollution, and contribute to our evolving for our Sacramento community,” says Sacramento City Councilman Steve Hansen.

Ryan Rzepecki, JUMP’s CEO, sees the Sacramento area as the first opportunity to prove JUMP in a new context: a region. “American cities were planned for the automobile. Our street grids and highways were designed to get residents from point A to point B as quickly and safely as possible — in a car. We’re seeing people replace car trips with JUMP. Our vision is to provide a transportation option for people who need to get from the downtown core to their suburban neighborhood, with ease. That’s the future of bike share, and it’s happening now in the Sacramento region.”

We Want To Thank You

To celebrate you and show our appreciation, we’re offering free first rides until the end of the month. Enjoy your first ride on the house! Just use promo code F1RSTJUMP.