Thank you, San Francisco!

500 Bikes. 100,000 Riders. 1,000,000 Trips.

Yesterday, JUMP hit our 1 millionth trip in San Francisco — thank you all for riding with us! Endless appreciation for each of our riders and the SF community for your continued support. It’s been an honor to be a part of your morning commutes, daytime errands, and rides home.

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  • A Thousand Helmet in the color of their choice
  • A visit to JUMP HQ for a behind the scenes look at our bike design and prototyping workshop, with lunch on me, and a bike ride around the neighborhood
  • JUMP swag: sunglasses, shirt, and a jacket

Our commitments to SF’s neighborhoods

In our daily operations, we have continued to focus our efforts on ensuring broad availability and equitable distribution of bikes throughout the system. A key component of this is delivering bike availability in Communities of Concern (CoCs), which is a requirement in our permit. While the City’s standard is 20% bike availability in CoCs every day between 6am-10pm, in 2019 we consistently outperformed this by averaging 26%. We can see how this high level of availability translates into actual ridership, since 50% of all trips either started or ended in a CoC.

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What else is keeping us busy?

In the last update, we shared news about our recently launched bike and our entry into the scooter market. Since then, we’ve announced even more upgrades, including the next bike with user-swappable batteries and newly introduced scooters with improved durability and larger wheels. We know how important hardware innovation is in this field, and we’re committed to pushing for improvement on the vehicles you ride because, well, we ride them too.

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