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I’m struggling to understand why you would even suggest that Trump as President would be a good thing. “Trump as president will do things that no other president has dared to do” Really? Maybe things like building a huge wall to divide entire nations? Hmmm… ok. And if Trump “says what the masses want to say”, then that doesn’t really say anything good about the masses then does it?

Sure, Obama hasn’t been perfect, but no President has. He had a whole lot of Bush baggage to wade through when he took office (“the War in Iraq was a total Disaster”), but war-mongering? You’re talking about the same President Obama right?

At the end of the day, Trump isn’t even in the same league as Obama or any of his rival candidates. It’s alarming, and baffling, how much support he is getting, but it’s definitely not for anything good he could do for the country.

Voting options for the Citizens of the United States of America?
Anyone but Trump.

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