Daily Writing Practise

Today I had a wonderful conversation with Itiya. In my understand, she would like to be the mentor of my my writing, which might be a life-changer.

I wasted a lot time on learning English, what a shame. The ridiculous thing is, I know exactly how to write in a mother-tongue language (for me it is Chinese) and absolutely I know how it happened: keep writing, keep practise. But I just always hesitate to apply this ‘simplest hard way’ to English.

So here is the plan: I will start daily writing on Medium.com, academic/non-academic, fiction/nonfiction, free writing… anything. Then I will ask Itiya to go over these continent when she has time. I will see how my writing goes and how other people understand me.

From now on, no stops, no ends, no fears, no frustration.

Just writing on and on.