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A climber on Uluru | Photo by Jun

The transition from a postdoc in microbiology to a data analyst

Patterns of daily confirmed cases in different countries/regions

Exploratory data analysis of global coronavirus case data

A flock of egrets on Chongming Island Shanghai | Photo by Jun

Pearson, Spearman, Kendall, Biserial, Tetrachoric and more

Light Track by Jun

Tiny improvement at each step, great leap as a whole

View of a storm from Mt Coot-tha | Photo by Jun

Understand which method should be used

Sea cliff bridge | Photo by Jun

Beginner’s guild for implementation of “callbacks” in dash code

COVID-19 Global Cases Monitor

Real-time view of globally confirmed, recovered and deaths coronavirus (COVID-19) cases

Infographic by Jun

Temperature patterns of Australian cities in 2019

A summary graph by Jun

A beginner’s notes on learning matplotlib

Animated plot by matplotlib

A detailed guide to make an animated plot


Data Analyst @Canva | PhD | Inspired by data | | Opinions are my own

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