Mentor: A Guiding Light

As from the image, ego also needs a mentor to be humble.

First let me tell you what I think about the mentor. The question arises, how our mentor should be? How we get attach with him/her? How we make contact with him/her and how do we think he will proof reliable and beneficial for us.

Mentor is that person who knows you emotionally, behaviorally, who really think and understand that he/she should be your mentor and proof fruitful for you. How really knows the value of emotions and humility. The one who can understand your feelings and understands your condition and be sincere with you. Someone who doesn’t allow you think that he doesn’t know how to deal with you and how to help you, even I am unfamiliar with you field and environment.

As the quote, I found a mentor. A true person who really deserves to be my mentor. That person isn’t my senior, isn’t a professional, but that person knows how to help others. She is my class fellow, my sweetest and precious best friend and my reason of everything. It’s funny that she doesn’t know she is my mentor.

She is ambitious girl who always wants to enjoy life and always remains happy. She doesn’t know the value of her smile. Actually her smile is my mentor (just kidding). She motivates me in my every exam of life, she has trust in me and she believes that I can do everything with little effort. She motivates me and sometime she forces me for try my luck. She believes in good lucks and she always tries her luck in every matter of life.

After my parents, she is the only person who have deep faith and believe in me. She proves guiding light for me. She is the only one who say you can do it and if you don’t then you will be responsible for the conclusion.

She isn’t professional, she isn’t senior, but her nature, her mentality, her faith, her humility make her my mentor and I think she is and she will be guiding light for my future.

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