This is exactly why I tag this as feminism.

I apologise for offending you as a person as a woman and as a human being. My intention was not to hurt you. If your able you will see it’s your ego that takes offence.

I whole heartedly love a an assertive and empowered woman. It just breaks my heart knowing women have to sell them selves to make a living. And you don’t even need to.

I guess it’s just perspectives. I hear similar arguments from drug dealers about how it’s profitable and working a 9–5 just doesn’t pay as well.

And your right culture of today’s society is just about getting one up, if we’re driven by carnal desires such as greed and lust but that is what is promoted.

I don’t think any less of you or any woman who takes advantage of her situation and is able to profit in a safe and secure manner.

The monster (Hydra)to blame has three snake heads Media, politicians and the corporations the heart of the beast is the financial banking system. It’s capitalism that is a curse destroying humanity.

Take care and be safe


Junaid khan