The Only Boundary Between A Successful Person And an Average

The very intention of you clicking on this post indicates how much you crave to be successful. you have really got that spark firing inside you !

Let me summarise this whole article in just one word “Comfort zone”.

Everyone has got the same 24 hours a hours , but what makes a difference is what you do with it. if you have a exam coming up next week ,you could either start preparing for it right at this very moment or you could postpone it for tomorrow (which never comes !) and stay inside your comfort zone. then when you atlast realize you should working its already and you end up falling into the average people category or even become the loser just because watching the movie was more important than doing what you had to do.

Successful people never live inside their comfort zones , that is why they say,

“5am is the time when legends are either waking up or is going to bed”

the satisfaction of getting outside the comfort zone and actually working is tremendous, and it keeps doubling every time you achieve your goal.and the best part is when it becomes a habit , then you start to gain a lot of self control and you no more will feel it as a difficult task.

you just have one job; just one,Get out of your comfort zone and get on the track , feel how your life changes drastically and how everything starts to fall into order and how much more time you save or spend doing things that actually matter.

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