First Post

Finally getting around to write my first post… I don’t really know what I am doing so bear with me.

I’ve never written before, but I figured anime might be a good thing to start with right? Seemed like a good idea at first but who knows it could go horribly wrong and I may upset a few people but whatever! Here goes nothing….

Anyway, I watch a shit ton of anime! but by no means do I claim to be some Otaku know it all but you know I’ve seen my fair share of anime. This is just a short intro to me and what I plan to do.

My hopes is to establish a cool anime publication the likes of which Medium has to yet to see (which isn’t all that impossible at this stage). Fresh takes on content, some humor, some reviews and whatever else I feel like at the time, I might even draft my own novel ideas!

so that’s it for this post poorly worded and not what are used too but I will get better…soon.

P.S I have installed Grammarly for all you Nazi’s out there!

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