A Cup of Kindness

This is the cup we, the human beings, need the most. Every sip of this cup will cherish your soul; yes, your soul and not only the souls of people you are being kind to. The more you move away from kindness, the more you get distressed and agitated.

Even though, kindness is the feelings we all were born with, some adults need much time and efforts to return kindness back into their hearts. Following are the five easy actions that help you re-gain kindness. I performed these tasks to experience the feelings personally.

  1. Be empathic
    Being empathic means take other people and their opinion into consideration. It also means to feel things the way others are feeling, to put yourself in someones shoes. I did it by thinking of myself in place of one of my friends who had an accident. I felt sorry for him, contacted him and conveyed the best wishes.
  2. Praise others
    The most part of people don’t get enough praise in their lives. It leads to the inferiority complex, thinking that I am not good enough, because I have never been praised or thanked for my work.
    I took special care of this and contacted more than 20 of my fellows in one day, identified their real positive traits and praised them. It helped me realize how beautiful each of them is as a person.
  3. Help others
    Don’t wait for others to ask for help. Offer your selfless services to everyone around you. Also, don’t do it to be thanked. Do it just to make a positive act.
    I helped more than a few people e.g, I made Raita for lunch to help my mother, cleaned the bed to help my sister, opened the door for one of my fellows etc.
  4. Forgive people
    Being able to forgive is one of the main characteristics of a kind person. We all aren’t perfect and everyone has a right for mistake. We cannot judge people for being bad-tempered, moody or arrogant, the only solution is to accept them the way they are.
    I practiced this by forgiving a person who almost spat on me. I was riding my bike when a person going next to me carelessly spat on the road. It was more disgusting than it sounds and I was filled with fury. However, I chose to forgive him, went near him and politely showed him what he did. Surprisingly, he humbly apologized.
  5. Be silent to avoid conflict
    Obviously, this thing is the hardest to complete. Each of us can be furious at times. Feeling different emotions isn’t a bad thing at all, just be reserved with showing your bad emotions.
    I often respond to debates on social media. I have a good taste in sarcasm and know how to insult someone in a sarcastic way. This time, however, I erased my comment before publishing it on a friend’s status. That comment was definitely going to create a mess.

After going through all these steps, I must say it was an incredible experience. Momentarily, you feel it very difficult to do any of these acts but after a while, the sense of contentment captures you. You feel positive and filled with a current of positivity. Moreover, Kindness is the only way to conquer the whole world.

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