IN Person Drop


Nowadays, almost all the companies have online job portals and CV banks. Why would someone still bother to print hard copies of documents, suffer to travel and drop their job application personally? Well one of the answers lie in the question itself i.e., because other applicants won’t choose this path of maximum resistance. When you meet someone, you have a chance to impress them in multiple ways. You are not presenting your CV only but a whole personality. You can prove your communication, confidence and most importantly your passion.


For all these reasons, I chose to drop my CV personally to Rafhan Maize as it is one of the top companies I want to work with. It was easier to decide than to do as I had to fight my procrastination first. I went to Rafhan on Friday but was told that no one can enter now as the timing were different for Friday. The next day, I went earlier in the morning with my customized CV and cover letter. Through the research, I knew some names in HR and didn’t find any difficulty reaching one of them. I met Mr. Arif and handed him over my documents while naturally sharing my elevator pitch with him. He looked impressed by the resume format so I asked him, “Sir, how can I improve my resume?” He seemed to be waiting for this question and started admiring the way resume was composed productively. He also told me that they are shortlisting candidates for a vacant position these days and made a phone call to send my resume to shortlisted candidates.


This experience revealed how important it is to visit recruiters personally. If I like majority of others would have dropped my application online, HR person was never going to read it this time as they were choosing from the resumes they already have in online CV bank.
Also, I got a chance to impress him personally which lead him to forward my CV. Therefore, I suggest every candidate to make extra effort and visit the recruiters personally. It will only increase your chances to get shortlisted at least, if not selected.

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