Informational Interview: Samar Khan

All the people have some goals in life but very few are lucky enough to achieve them. Samar Khan is one of those rare, highly motivated and determined people. She is an athlete, a cyclist, a paraglider, a trekker a mix-martial artist and a Motivational Speaker from Lower Dir, KPK, Pakistan. Samar is the first woman in the world to have cycled on the 4500-meter-high Biafo glacier in northern Pakistan’s Gilgit-Baltistan region.

She is a national record holder of cycling as the first female to ride from the Islamabad to the Pak-China border on bicycle, covering a distance of 1000 km at 4693 m height and highlighting all of the beauties and positive aspects of the northern areas and KKH in the form of a documentary (released world-wide).

She plays a vital role in numerous aspects. Some of them are enlisted below.

She is
• Ambassador of “Pakistan Children Heart foundation (PCHF)”
• Brand ambassador of “Ladies of Pakistan”
• Brand ambassador of “Females in Travel & Tourism Pakistan, (FITT)”
• Brand ambassador of “Anti-Narcotics Force, Islamabad”
• Brand Ambassador of “Truedrops’ virtual blood drive”
• Motivational Speaker at “TEDx, Islamabad”

Samar has always inspired thousands of people worldwide by her bravery and motivational statements. I am one of her fans from the beginning. Being an extremely adventurous person, I always have fantasized about pursuing my career in something thrilling. My plans of life include getting some experience of my technical field, studying abroad for two years and starting a unique motivational venture in Pakistan. It’ll help me capturing both of my passions, Motivational Speaking and Travelling. Therefore, for an informational interview, I couldn’t have found anyone better than Samar Khan.

It was a real time interview based on spontaneous response from both sides. I will paste the exact conversation without any editing to keep the charm alive.

Me: Assalam o Alaikum! I hope you are doing fine. You are one of the most inspirational persons in my friend list. I need a few minutes of your precious time for one of my projects. It’d be a great help. I ensure you, It won’t take long.

Samar: W/Salam, thank you so much. Yes how may I help?

Me: I want to ask you a few questions regarding your career. I am a fresh graduate of Chemical Engineering and am interested to eventually pursue my career in both, tourism and Mentoring/public speaking.

Currently, I am taking a fellowship which includes a short informational interview of someone in the relevant field.

Samar: Yeah sure, why not.

Me: First of all, why did you choose to be a sports girl unlike most of the people specially in a society like ours?

Samar: Because nobody chooses sports due to false believes and insecurities. I wanted to change the perspective of our community towards it. I wanted to play my part in elevating Pakistan’s image.

Some memorable shots of her recent journey to conquer Biafo Glacier on Bicycle.

Me: That’s Great. I’d like to ask that What do you like the most about your field ?

Samar: To feel free and strong. To inspire others by my actions.

Me: From where do you get your dose of motivation? For the tasks like this, is it easy to come out of your comfort zone ?

Samar: No, It’s not easy. I motivate and push myself towards success every day. Because I have to stay strong and keep fighting my hardships. I don’t want to die an average person.

I continuously plan and research on my plans to execute

Cycling at Biafo Glacier.

Me: That’s inspiring!
How do you see the future of tourism in Pakistan ? What can we do to promote it ?

Samar: Tourism is promoted by only personal efforts so far. There are so many places in Pakistan waiting to be explored and needing investments. Tourism is been developing though. Domestic tourism particularly has been improved now significantly than before.

Healthy activities like international cycling/trekking/marathons should be conducted in natural areas of Pakistan to attract international tourists too.

Me: In this field, What are the hard parts, the difficulties one has to face on the way?

Samar: Financial struggles are hard to overcome specially for the one who has to support his family as well. Then there are people who are always ready to pull you down, out of jealousy.

Me: What are the key skills one must possess in order to achieve success in such a dynamic field ?

Samar: One must learn all the skills nowadays even if those are not from your field. Because in this life, like war, you never know what tool you’re gonna need to survive.

From IT, to social media, from tourism to sports, from Music to warfare, from communication to business every skill should be learned. And the most important skill to develop is, a Resilient Nature. Be stubborn for positive goals.

Me: Should young and educated people join Tour Management/Operating as a career ?

Samar: Yes they should but in their own unique style. There are many tour operating companies now but what special/different you offer, matters the most.

Samar Khan delivering a Motivational Speech through the platform of TEDx, Islamabad

Me: How your experience helps you in Public/Motivational Speaking?

I share everything in a natural way instead of faking it. Because your struggles somehow relates to an average person to be touched. It eradicates the fears of facing them. The gap vanishes when you touch the public emotionally.

Me: I promised to be quick so will wrap up with the last question. What is the biggest achievement of your life in your opinion?

Samar: To conquer my fears, unleash my strengths after wasting 23 years of my life. Cycling on glaciers is one of them.

Me: Thank you very much Samar! It was a great experience talking to you. I am feeling more inspired and clear about my future now. I will stay in contact.

Samar: My pleasure. Anytime….

Me: It was not like the formal interviews you often come across as I am not a professional. I merely know the spelling of Mass Communication. Thanks a lot for being courteous enough to tolerate me.

Samar: No, it was straight forward and simple. It was good. See TEDx Talks on daily basis. You will learn a lot.

Me: I surely will. Wish you very best of luck for your future journeys. Stay blessed !

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