Education is the key to the future especially in countries that are still very concerned with certain diplomas in work. For various reasons, one of them is economic problems, forcing people to prefer to work first. Given the tight competition in the world of work and also for the purpose of a better career, a person is required to have adequate levels of education. Up to a certain level of office if you want to increase to a higher career level is usually the educational background into consideration of the company. At that time, usually new people are aware of the importance of continuing education to the university level.

Lots of changes experienced by someone who is switching from school to university. Not only the environment, the way a person’s mind changes with age. Not only the school tasks, money affairs sometimes become something that makes some students glare. In addition to money, curiosity and desire to add to the experience, make students start thinking to continue education while working.

Bitjob provides solutions for students who want to complete their education at their own expense. Bitjob provides an opportunity for students to earn a living for those who are able to work without having to ask parents for all the necessities to complete their education.

Bitjob is a project with blockchain technology aimed at students who want to earn income and work experience in accordance with student skills. Bitjob connects cooperation between students and employers in short-term work online, By joining Bitjob students can sharpen their skills and add to their work experience, but they also earn money from their work. That way students can take advantage of their free time to do something useful for themselves.

The BitJob project is built on the Semi-Decentralization platform, which is paid with centralized method (fiat money) and a decentralized digital crypto currency, and is being developed on the Smart Ethereal Contract. With a trusted level of security and transparency allows Bitjob users to make transactions. And for outstanding students, Bitjob has prepared an extraordinary reward program to use the bitjob users to continue to be creative and to be the best in the scope of work and to attract students to join Bitjob.

How Bitjob works:

  • The online services provided by the students are linked to the market, selecting a list of skilled jobs, delivering quality submissions, and receiving immediate payments of their choice, in cryptourrency or fiat money.
  • Students will build a reputation profile and will be able to present their work in Dynamic Portfolio Resume (DPR) linked to their own domain name ‘name’! The Parliament website will revolutionize the way HR recruits students and graduates by relying on evidence of their demonstrated abilities, more on their LinkedIn profile or an old (and current) resume version, from previous decades.

BitJob Token (STU) or otherwise known as “Student token” is being developed in the Ethereal blockchain with a maximum of 100 million tokens, the STU token will always be returned quickly. Transaction STU tokens are usually used in a few seconds and begin to be confirmed within the next 10 minutes. Under the publishing costs That would remove the motivation for a short-sale attack. In addition Bitjob cooperates with CRYPTO ATM which will be implemented at each student affiliation location so that students can use STU for goods or other business transaction around campus, with wide network during Bitjob access wherever students can receive or use STU Token .

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