Supporting Social Justice and Social Accountability of Citizens

Relationships that are not always synergistic to the wishes of a citizen’s decision with actions taken by the state. This is common in every country, poor bureaucratic relationships between citizens and the state and the worst is a revenge scenario for people who dare speak the truth above power.

One example of a company that plans open coal mining, and which is bound to cause pollution in the surrounding area, waraga has been fighting for their justice in court and with the help of a community organization that organizes significant resistance, but finding resources to defend the activity is A real challenge.

Protest action is a tremendous force, Dissatisfaction with the social system, In response to the so-called lease riots in Chicago, Illinois, USA, which occurred during the Great Depression of the 1930s, city officials delayed the expulsion and arranged for some of the rioters to gain work. Similar protests in New York City returned 77,000 families to their homes.

In this case ACT tries with the concept of combining the power of citizens by collecting simple voice payments (eg one million people pay $ 1) in a fixed block chain, supported by software that serves to disburse funds selected by citizens for a particular purpose.

The ACT platform will allow for local people who care about the fundraising in a matter of days used for Protest action, here ACT is urgently needed to raise funds quickly. This concept will eliminate the difference and in the gradual demands of the citizens are met and immediately executed, all citizens’ actions to hold the government accountable will be very well responded by the government.

ACT is a “decentralized autonomous organization” with all automated organizations Governance and decision-making, should be seen as a large-scale development project. ACT succeeded in realizing the changes taking place with the paradigm of unity and global coordination on a large scale. This can occur based on the responses provided by various aspects of decentralization, efficient work of the Contract intelligent, and the trust given entirely by the autonomous government.

ACT’s goal is to provide the mobilization needed to reclaim the ideologues
The right as a citizen, where the Goal of Sustainable Development will be achieved with the right target, and dispose of the arrogant nature and egoism of the ruling person in government.

ACT can be used by first downloading the mobile App to your mobile device, which begins by inviting the user to select the type of cause they want to deal with the existing problem through Social Accountability Interventions, and then buying the votes used to submit the proposal so that the funds are used For a successful proposal. The voice holders or citizens around the world will receive push notifications Through the ACT mobile App reminding them of important proposals to follow, and giving voters choice to vote “Yes”, “no” or “abstain”.

ACT curation engine (ACE) is a decentralized platform for examination of proposals. This is useful to the Curator through the derived algorithm to print the contributions of individuals who are largely derived from the community. With the amount of 15% † of all ETH received from ACT users will be allocated to reward the curator.
ACT is stored in ethereum blockchain, which is very reliable and puts forward the security applied by the developer. With this method the amount of funds donated to get votes will be stored in proven and tested security.

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