how to float

I am not angry nor sad, yet I feel my chest pressing onto my heart. Distance is not for the weak-hearted, that’s for sure. Lately, Sherman and I have been Skyping and texting, but it feels impersonal. Our conversations never get to where I want them to be, and I don’t think that should ever be an issue.

I am losing hope in us again. I think it is because I love him, and as more time passes, I see more risk. I already feel heartbroken about not having a good conversation. I feel like I’m not in his life, and that would be difficult for him to understand.

I find that making the headers for this blog has been a cathartic process. I guess what I am trying to say is that I feel like breaking down right now.

And a lot of me just wants to tell him I love him over and over again and hold him tight. I hate these feelings and wish I could just feel like we have chemistry even on Skype. Is that bad?

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