I Decide to Invest Some to Become Member of Medium

Jundi Alwan

FRIYAY! Today I decide to invest some of my extra to become a member of Medium

Friday is always a good day for me, I think so, because, you know, tomorrow is Saturday. But this week is special. Not because tomorrow is Saturday but because I decide to become a member of Medium. Why this makes me happy?

I started to know Medium in my first year of college, around end of 2013 or early 2014. I started to read articles on Medium and soon love it. I like how Medium design its website so the reader and writer can focus to the content of the article. No clutter. Simple. Yet so cozy to read. I also found that Stories in Medium is great to read. High quality content. I soon realized that the knowledge and content from Medium inspire me more than any blogging site.

I love to read about startup, UX/UI design, ideas, life, and programming stuff in Medium. Some of my favorites Publications are uxdesign.cc, freeCodeCamp, hackernoon, The Mission, etc. Yes, I love to code, so much, lol.

Reading great content in Medium make me feel better, happy, and also small. There are billions or trillions knowledge I don’t know, and I just read it on Medium! How cool is that. I just feel better and better and better everyday because I learn a lot of new things everyday from Stories on Medium.

At the end of last year, I just looking to myself deep down. Reflect my life. What things going on. Think what things to do next year. What things to do to become a better version of me. Simple idea comes in my mind.

You read a lot. That’s good. It’s good for you. But, when you start to write? Giving back the knowledge and share what you learn.

So, I decided to start writing.

At the beginning, I tried to build my own blog with my private domain. Install Wordpress on it then choose theme then start writing. In a month I feel not comfortable with my choice of theme, the font, etc. The wordpress itself also make update and I have to update it. Well, for me that just want to write, it is exhausting and too complicated. I just want to write. Full stop. *i’m a computer science student but don’t get me wrong about not to build my own blog lol. Then I remember my Medium account is still have no Stories. I think this is the time to start writing in Medium because it delivers all everything I need. No clutter. Simple writing editor. No overwhelming site management, etc. Medium do it for me so I can focus to writing.

And here I am. Trying to write a little about some of interesting stuff in Medium. I’m trying to keep the habit to write at least one Stories each week. It’s definitely hard for me, lol, because I’m not the person who write everything in the agenda or diary. It’s hard to find the topic. It’s hard sometimes to even write one paragraph, lol. Wish me luck.

Medium Membership

March 2017, I read a Story about founding member of Medium and Medium Membership. Looks interesting. It cost you $5 each month to become a member. After 2 months of thinking and weighting pros and cons becoming member of Medium, today I’m ready to become Medium member. So today I’m a Medium member *yeay. Until yesterday I’m still thinking about the advantages and feature I get if I become a member but later I realized that it doesn’t matter the feature I get if I become a member, well it is but not the main reason, what matter is I starting to become more confident and willing to write. That’s what important. I found that become a member lift my motivation to keep writing every week, I think so, and that’s what I need to keep up, motivation to write.

That makes me happy and hopefully write makes me more happy.

More Writes, More Stories, More Happiness.

Thank you to Medium for a tons of great feature and happiness. I like how Medium member home page organized.

Jundi Alwan

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A Polymath. Learn everyday, everywhere.

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