28 things @ 28

Mother, daughter, wife…human

  1. My basil pesto will never taste like the one coming from a jar
  2. Sometimes you just have to go with the pretty but unpractical
  3. The internet don’t ‘know my life’
  4. Buffalo Cauliflower is NEVER as good as real Buffalo wings…never
  5. Painting one wall will help to cheer up the whole room.
  6. Not all Mommy bloggers are mommy’s…some are just bloggers…they don’t ‘know my life’
  7. Our toddler won’t sleep with us until he is 18…maybe, but that’s okay ‘cos then we’ll know he’s not in bed with someone else.
  8. Always keep one room in the house tidy.
  9. One is enough.
  10. Game of Thrones and a glass of red on a Monday is as good as a holiday.
  11. A glass of red on a Monday is fine…
  12. I don’t desperately need those Teal curtains to match my couch.
  13. I don’t desperately need most the things I think I desperately need.
  14. A child only needs 3 things: Love, acceptance and a whole lot of wet wipes
  15. Loving myself is one of the hardest things I’ll ever master, right next to knowing why exactly my toddler is fussing.
  16. Saturday mornings will never be the same…5 o’clock is the new 9 o’clock
  17. Road trips should NEVER be taken lightly. Anything could and will happen.
  18. Always pack enough snacks for your toddler…and husband…mostly for your husband.
  19. Go to the mountains or ocean once a month. They make great conversationalists
  20. Don’t leave anything till the last minute except a quick Instagram post…rethink those.
  21. I am allowed to be proud for just finishing the dishes.
  22. All that matters in the end is who you come home to, the conversations you have and the love you give.
  23. Shoes and socks are replaceable.
  24. Your parents are important.
  25. Answer unknown numbers, it might be something you won…
  26. Repeat the good things as many times as possible
  27. DIY really is like therapy
  28. Life is messy. Doubt is constant. The beauty lies in the way we share, enjoy and capture the glittering glimpses in each other.
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