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Now, let's begin:

Imagine contributing with good causes whenever you do your grocery shopping, how amazing would that be? now how about making it real with organic, fair and proximity products? This is how the concept of Robinhood.Store was born.

Robinhood.Store is a social and environmental activist start-up, which wants to compete with convenentional bio-supermarket chains. For every item you buy in their shop they’ll donate a certain amount to a good cause. …

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When I saw the post of the sexhack20 hackathon on one of the thousand slack channels that I’m part of, it caught my attention. “We would like to unite people of all sexual orientations and identities to come together in a virtual hackathon to hack new tech businesses around sex.” wouldn’t it catch your attention too? Anyway, I was looking for some fun projects to add to my portfolio so I signed up.

Right after, I shared the event with 3 working pals (Rony Rom, Marina Merlin, Simone Ferreira) and we rapidly formed the HackTeam. …

6th-week project as a UX/UI student at Ironhack Berlin

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The Challenge

Build or redesign a website for a festival that will take place next year. (5 days design sprint)

For this project, I decided to redesign the website of VeggieWorld Berlin 2020 because I really like that fair but I believe the website it’s not an accurate representation of this great event. We should remember that a website is a touch-point, a first impression and an opportunity to show the world what, how, and why you do what you do. Responsibilities

What is VeggieWorld?

VeggieWorld is Europe’s largest consumer fair for the vegan lifestyle and it was founded in 2011 with 21 exhibitors in Wiesbaden, Germany. …

Design sprint in 5 days

For this project, my colleague Maria and I had to design a responsive online platform for a magazine, newspaper or blog aiming to meet the needs and goals of the user persona we were given.

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She reads National Geographic, The New Yorker, Broadly.

She wants to invest more in self-care and self-love while being good to others, seeding a more empathic society.

She volunteers for the community

She reads during work breaks. She often works at home, when she’s not at university or the library.

Goals: be more rational, Discover new passions, achieve a good work-life balance. …

4th project as a UX/UI Student in Ironhack Berlin

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For this project, I had 3 days to analyze an existing app and incorporate a new feature into the existing product based on user input. The user request that I had to work on was:

Add more customization options to Trello.

Trello is a web-based Kanban project management application that organizes your projects into boards. You can imagine Trello as a huge whiteboard where you can create lists and add Post-it notes of tasks you need to do so you can track your progress (e.g., …

3rd project as a UX/UI student in Ironhack Berlin

The challenge of this project was about creating an online learning platform that will transform the in-person learning experience into a 100% digital experience in 5 days.

Background: Fun People Inc. offers fun, immersive, in-person German language workshops in Berlin. Their workshops are unique because they put an emphasis on speaking, listening, and conversations — three crucial elements for learning a foreign language.

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First steps

Our first goal was to understand why people drop out of online language courses so that our prototype could solve this problem.

To understand our users’ pain points, we conducted interviews and surveys with people who have tried to learn a foreign language. …

2nd project as UX/UI student in Ironhack Berlin

For this project, my team and I had to redesign a website for a local business, focusing our efforts on delivering great shopping experiences for the end-users. The goal was to start using the Agile KANBAN methodology, to build documentation for the website (Information architecture, sitemap & user flow), to deliver mid-fi wireframes of the website and to perform usability tests.

We chose a ceramics shop close to our campus so that we could do some observational research of the shop and a stakeholder interview.

From the interview with the shop owner we gathered a lot of information about the business and her story, this gave us already a direction to focus on and to understand what kind of products she’s offering. …

1st project as UX/UI Student Ironhack Berlin

For this 1st project, my team and I were given a wicked problem we needed to solve. The goal was not to present a finished and polished prototype by the end of the week but to focus on isolating, researching and understanding a more precise, granular and specific problem from the given list through the Design Thinking process.

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My team and I chose the topic of FOOD SOVEREIGNTY.

How Might We help communities access the seasonal organic produce of their region, fueling fair and honest relationships between producers and customers while ensuring food safety for all? …

Applying Usability Heuristics evaluation with Nielsen’s Principles I conducted a heuristic evaluation of three popular travel planning Apps: Skyscanner, Kayak and Tripadvisor.

A heuristic evaluation is an inspection method in which you systematically apply heuristics (qualitative guidelines) to find and explain problems. As per Wikipedia, Heuristic is often used in Psychology and means any approach to problem solving or self-discovery that employs a practical method, not guaranteed to be optimal, perfect, or rational, but instead sufficient for reaching an immediate goal.

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The goal is to apply Nielsen’s principles in order to identify which app performs better for my selected user type. …

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Task: For this exercise we had to pick our top 3 best and worst user experiences with digital and physical products or services in our daily lives and link these experiences with the design principles to better understand how design affect our lives.

My TOP 3 Best Experiences


June Calderón Ortega

UX/UI Designer. Positive attitude. Vegan for the animals and the 🌍

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