Donald Trump’s Immigrant Ban Executive Order Kills Children Around World

Who Is Trump’s Ban Order aimed at?

Recently numerous people were severely devastated by Donald Trump’s immigration ban executive order. One of the biggest issues of this presidential order is denying entry to children and women from poverty-stricken countries. These countries are globally recognized as areas in need of high financial and medical aid. This executive order is attracting negative global attention with activists criticizing and organizing protests around the world. In the NY Times, “Trump’s Immigration Ban Blocks Children Most in Need of Aid,” Russell Goldman argues that children, from five out of the chosen seven countries are in a critical condition due to president Trump’s ban executive order. The countries in critical conditions are Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen. He also indicates some statistical information, which are from the United Nations and UNIECF. The information includes how many children need aid, and how much financial support is needed to needed to fund assistance.

Thesis Statement

The facts and statistical data presented from this article have broadened my stance regarding to the negative effects from President Trump’s immigration ban order. This information further deepened my knowledge to the hardships of children and women from these restricted countries.

Deepen My Ideas on Trump’s Immigration Ban Order

This article has increased my awareness and knowledge on the effects of Trump’s executive order. Donald Trump insists that this ban order will stop terrorist entering to the United States. However, his claims on terrorism has been proven incorrect and is ruining the lives of people who are in need the most. Before reading this article, I was only concerned about policies regarding international students, non-resident job seekers, or people who want to relocate in the United States. I was not aware of the critical status of these five main countries and the severity of Trump’s immigration ban order. I was astonished by the number of people needing aid and how they are neglected. Some of these refugees even come from extreme situations such as civil war and devastating famine. Due to these extreme situations, millions of children are getting sick and dying from malnutrition.


Goldman utilizes a quotation from Jennifer Sime who is a senior vice president at the International Rescue Committee. The International Rescue Committee is a humanitarian organization focused on providing aid for refugees in high need. Sime argues that Trump’s ban order mostly impacts children and women instead of terrorists entering in the United States. In the article, Sime states, “This shows who the ban really impacts: the world’s most vulnerable, women and children who are fleeing terror, and America is turning away from its leadership role on refugee resettlement, and it is refugees who are paying the price.” These quotations were so impressed me.

Statistical Data

These statistics, published by the United Nations, indicate that President Trump’s executive order affects children, who need support.

Syria- UNICEF states that more than 2.2 million are living as refugees in Syria, and 5.8 million children, suffering from war, need water, sanitation, hygiene, and medical aid. For helping them, more than $300 million need.

Yemen- According to UNICEF, $200 million will help to feed 6.9 million children in one year.

Iraq- The United Nations states that $160 million will fund vaccination for more than five million children against polio.

Sudan- The United Nations will assist more than two million Sudanese children suffering from malnourishment. UNICEF confirmed that Sudan needs more than $100 million for children’s nutrition programs.

Somalia- UNICEF mentions that 850,000 Children, under the age of 5, are also suffering from malnourishment in 2017, they need more than $60 million to fund financial aid in this country.

As stated above, although numerous children around the world are suffering, Trump’s order continues to deny refugees from entering the United States. Upon reading the statistical data, I realize that Donald Trump’s ban impacts not only the people who wish to relocate to the United States, but also children who need the support due to a national crisis. Indeed, the statistical data raised the following question, “Does Donald Trump’s executive order consider the world’s most vulnerable such as women and children, who need support?”


President Trump’s order contains surprising issues compared to the initial assumption made when this ban was first enacted. People are not informed of the serious status of the children living in these five banned countries. After reading this article, my understanding in Trump’s immigration ban deepened due to the facts and statistical data presented with their argument.

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