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I’m glad you Trump folks think this is all wonderful. While you admire this gaudy, junk expensive room, get palpitations from admiring Trump’s penthouse gold plated ceilings, and think it’s so wonderful he has gold plated bathroom fixtures in his Trump plane try to remember Dupont just took away its contribution to senior workers retirement funds. I bet those masters of greed continue to have a lock on investing those funds, however. They probably needed that contribution money for more gold plated fixtures and junk redecorated rooms for themselves. While you continue to admire and gush over all this greedy wonder, You won’t have to guess where America’s continued canned service oriented benefits are going. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security — are all going to get canned. You can forget any Health care replace plans also. You gave it all away and I don’t feel sorry for you. So gullible you folks deserve to get fleeced.

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