Software Testing experience

Many developers tend to jump straight into developing features in their applications.I have to confess I was one of them. But I am having a change of mind. My day was spent on writing minimal unit tests for a project that I am working on. This is the first time to do it and I am so glad I got to do it. From my understanding, minimal test is a quality assurance methodology where time is a scarce resource.

This helped me to quickly understand how I am going to build my project and test features on the go . It was a hard task at first but after I understood the concept, things went by pretty fast.For those who have not tried this … please do. I also encountered a number of unit testing libraries like unittest and nose that came in handy.

Unit testing was just a tip of the iceberg today, I also discovered continuous integration.This was a new topic for me, so i had to do a little bit of digging to understand what it is.Continuous Integration enables a developer to integrate code to a shared repository ,for example Github ,a number of time daily.Each commit is verified by an automatic build.This is very important because many bugs are detected. early. During my development process, I was able to encounter a number of on-line CI tools and use them.I used Travis CI which had user friendly interface and it can also sync with Github and have your repositories ready to test.However you have to configure your repository by creating a .travis.yml , which was quite easy and there are a lot of blogs that explain how to use it. The building speed is very good and fast and it notifies you of any errors encountered.

I also used Coveralls which gave me statistics about my repository.It also breaks down the test coverage on a file by file basis.I have not yet fully discovered all its features but I will update you as I learning more about it.

There is a lot that has been done to make software testing easy and smooth and that is enough to prove how important software testing is in software development.That is a practice I am going to keep for long.You should try it too.

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