UI Design is just as important

Day one : A lot has to be learnt!!!!!

Many developers tend to concentrate a lot on the functionality of a system. I am one of them and my opinion is changing with the task that I am currently working on. User Interface to me right now is as important as the back-end you need to make the user feel comfortable while carrying out their tasks as well as make it appealing to the eyes.

I’ve had my battles today with CSS and trying to make things beautiful and organized and for sure I have missed out a lot in the past years by only setting my mind on how it works from the back.However I tried using bootstrap which came in handy while styling my pages.Bootstrap grid system were very helpful in portioning my web pages.It took a lot of research to get to know most of the styles in bootstrap, which was a huge challenge for me. A lot of lessons learnt today …But CSS was took the crown. On other points.. working with Pivotal has been a good experience for me … I’ve used other softwares such as Jira and their contribution to project management is just awesome, it keeps thing organized and flowing.

Although CSS was challenging, I encountered some problems using git.Funny enough I have used git for about seven months now and expected it to be a walk in the park.However I experienced a problem with making my first push to “origin master”, the console displayed an error message

“fatal: I don’t handle protocol ‘https’”

This was a foreign error to me and I didn't expect it.So I did my research and tried troubleshooting the error.A solution was finally found, and this how I solved it.

It seems that as I was configuring my repository on my local machine, I set the wrong remote URL.This was identified using the following command

git config — get remote.url

I then had to set remote URL to the correct value using the following command

git remote set-url origin https://github.com/Nthemba/Shopping-List.git

I finally tried to push again to origin master and it worked.

Git comes in handy in software version control, teams are able to work on the same projects synchronously.I have learnt the importance of creating new branch every time I start off an independent piece of work in a project and to merge it with the master branch when completed. It keeps things organized and enables people to contribute to your work.

It has been a great day and a lot has been learnt

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