The foundation required for an individual to thrive, build their skills, and in turn contribute towards a larger vision is — Company Culture.

What is culture?

A culture is a set of values and principles that sets the tone of the organization. These values and principles are not just words that are used by HR during induction but they are reflected across all digital and physical touchpoints, processes, products, or people that a person encounters within the organization.

Businesses work essentially when culture is designed around 3 Ps — Passion, Process, People.

As a Service Designer, when I work with companies big or small, they always focus on Customer Experience and fail to realize that their employee is their first customer! If the people who work for you, believe in what they are a part of, indirectly it would reflect in the experience that they provide your customers. …


Juneza Niyazi

Service Designer. Enthusiast about AR/VR and Design systems. You can see my other works at

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