Not So Home Remedy to First Degree Burns by Boiling Water

On July 3rd, 2017, It was a hot and exhausting summer day in NYC. I should have gone sleeping right away instead of a cup of tea. With a regretful amount (a full one liter) of water in an electric kettle, my feeble hand failed to position the kettle on its stand. The water poured onto my left leg from right below my knee to the top of my foot. Perhaps the water was closed to its boiling pint at 212 °F (100 °C). With surprise and pain, I jumped like a baby kangaroo — it may help to run down the water quickly — who knows. So I burnt myself with really hot water and asked my Facebook friends for their proven home remedies. The internet is the sea of information though you could get lost. Next is remedial chronological steps I took for what it appears to be the first degree burn that is sized larger than your hand.

Skin Redness got pronounced after a half hour ( I was not planning on beach, I hope you can deal with my cute pointy hair)

Hot Water Attack [ 3 July : 7 pm ]

  1. FUXX: I got nauseous over none stop burning sensation immediately. Cold running water soothed the pain only my leg was in it. I took out my leg for five seconds. Oh no… The pain was nowhere near to disappear.

Note: It seems YELLO MUSTARD is better for soothing out the pain. With proven confessions followed by a legitimate claimed by Mustard Museum, yellow mustard seems to be the first choice for instant alleviation. I read somewhere that it is a magic of turmeric.

It is a trick used in restaurant kitchens. I used to be an expediter and once grabbed a skillet full handed with no mat. I swear I heard my skin rip off of that skillet, a cook ran around the line and with a pan full of mustard and threw my hand in it. No blisters, no peeling, no scars. Even the burn subsided in about 10 minutes. It is all I use for burns now. — Erika Mullins

Just for the healing process, I will avoid coarse or spicy mustard. What if the soft skin eats up those beads and you end up with pockmarks all over?

Note: Sunburn Soothers

2. BATHROOM ESCAPE MISSION: Logically speaking, I did not want to stay in a bathroom all night. Thankfully, I had a 70 qt clear plastic box.

I filled the water where it completely covered the burn (again, I do not like a beach)

3. HALF MERMAID + HALF HUMAN: After 3 hours, I still felt my secondary heart beating fast down there. Running water or ice-water is not good for the burn although I think it only applies to burns that have instant skin peelings (the mustard). I slept just like that after adding a bag of ice to my baby pool (your imagination is not necessary).

Note: It is very important to alleviate the pain and heat. The burn could get worse otherwise.

July 4th Survival [ 4 July: 11 am ]

  1. I HAVE NOTHING: My amazing FB people highly recommended Aloe Vera or gel type. I applied what I had on the first day, but it was not the right time for aloe. The pain seems subdued after 15 hrs in the water. Instead of the 5 seconds, I felt it after one minute. SHXX. Having no pain killer, alcohol, aloe vera and various creams recommended by the people, I went on a painful journey to a drug store.

After 40 minutes wait

Doc: I can’t do anything for you.

Me: (dumbfounded)

The doctor prescribed me over the counter creams — Aloe Vera, Triple Antibiotic (Bacitracin Zinc, Neomycin Sulfate, Polymyxin B Sulfate), Vitamin E cream. Some insurance may cover it; some will not. They gave me a print out of this site. Since the burnt skin is extra sensitive, the doctor advised to wear ankle-high shoes and apply sunblock lotion to prevent discoloration.


You will need four types of creams for the burns.

INFECTION: Antibiotics that has Bacitracin Zinc, Neomycin Sulfate, Polymyxin B Sulfate. Neosporin is in this category. If you have blisters, let doctor handles the fun of popping. Silvadene cream is a prescribed medication for opened wounds from blisters. (Thanks, Miz Laura)


The Winner: Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera will not evaporate instead it creates a thin layer. I applied one after another layer every time I felt the heat. When I came home, I wrapped my leg with cheese clothes and deep in cold water. Aloe gel got rehydrated and worked as a cooling patch between my leg and the cloth.

You can get the cheese cloth from Homedepot / The dark spot was exposed to the hot water longer where it will eventually shed.

Additional Creams: Urtica Urens Cream, A great salve from the Appalachian Mountain

I am planning to get both.


Vitamin E Cream, Arnica Gel, Caster Oil

I have shopping to do.


Sunblock lotion above SPF40+

Mix this well with creams above.

Myth: Covering with Plastic Wrap

I am not a believer of capsulaing wounds from the air. The doctor seems to agree.

I want to thank you to friends who share their experiences and concerns. I will update the progress.