5 Incredible Advantages of Understanding Personality with Jungian Typology App

Have you always wanted to understand people around you better? Have you wondered you could improve your relationships if you understood people better? Now there is a solution to that — the Jungian Typology App. The app is based on Jungian Type Theory. Jungian Typology or Jungian Type Theory was proposed by famous psychologist, Carl Jung. Jung categorized people into primary types of psychological function, based on which sixteen psychological profiles developed. Jungian Type Theory explains some of the basic differences or preferences between people, and encourages the genuine valuing of those differences. The Jungian Typology App gives you an insight into yourself and how you operate in your inner and outer world. It is available both on App Store and Google Play Store.

The Jungian Typology App brings an understanding of type in general and your own type in particular leading to:

• understanding other people better
• improved relationships
• better problem solving
• better conflict resolution
• and increased self-understanding

Jungian Typology App uses a questionnaire to derive your personality type. You can also use personality type results from another assessment. An e-book has been includes in the Jungian Typology App so that you can understand your results and their practical application to life and work. The results can be used as a training aid or as a stand-alone test on Jungian Type Theory.

Jungian Typology explains why people behave the way they do. Our behavior is shaped by our personality type. Jung defined four basic mental functions or processes common to all people. Two of these functions are concerned with how people take in information. The other two functions are related to how people make decisions.

Jungian Typology App shows your type with four letters that indicate where you come out on each of the four preferences: Extravert-Introvert (E-I); Sensing-Intuition (S-N); Thinking-Feeling (T-F); and Judging-Perceiving (J-P). The sixteen possible combinations of these four dimensions are called Type Profiles, such as, ISTJ, ENFP, INFP, and so on. The results can be used widely for training, selection and best fit for existing and potential employees.

Jungian Typology App can be used for a variety of applications –

• Understanding self or your business partners better
• Learn about and understand your children better 
• Improve your relationships 
• Valuing personality difference

It is a powerful tool in assisting individuals and groups within any organization attain improved performance and professional growth through greater understanding of their personal styles and attitudes. The Jungian Typology App makes the Jungian Type Theory System easily usable in both a commercial and business context and in your personal life and relationships.

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