4wdDAO racing on JUNGLEbet

2 min readDec 8, 2022

We are developing new betting-oriented sports we call the Octopus Game, and 4wdDAO was the first of these competitions.
4wdDAO racing, which started in September, has gradually evolved from just a toy car on a track.

  • The course is now illuminated.
  • The machines now glow.

These are just a few improvements we have made to the visual presentation.
We want to share the evolution process of the 4wdDAO, and we want you to be a part of that process.
We want to show you something beyond your imagination regarding enhancing the visual presentation. But we don’t think we can immediately surpass horse racing or F1 just for that.

Machine bodies from 3D printer

The concept of the Octopus Game is Simple, Casual, and Interactive: Simple and Casual race design makes betting fun for everyone, anytime. What does “Interactive” mean?

For example, can you be interactive in horse racing? You need to be the owner, trainer, or jockey to be directly involved with horse racing.
In Formula 1, you need to be a mechanic or a driver.
At 4wdDAO, we are creating an interactive world.

You may decide the name of the machine.
You may decide on the color of the machine.
You may become the owner of the machine like a horse owner.
You may be able to decide together what kind of obstacles to place.

We are free to make and operate our rules, unrestricted by anyone. Within laws and regulations, of course, but mostly free.
We use 3D printers to create original designs for the machine. We are free to make it any shape and color we want.
We are also using 3D printers to create courses and test them. We will be able to create a variety of course shapes in the future, and we will be able to reflect everyone’s opinions.

3D design of course parts

Sounds interesting?




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