4wdDAO Racing rules on JUNGLEbet

4 min readDec 22, 2022

To enjoy 4wdDAO Racing on JUNGLEbet.

Which Car Will Win?

The simple rule is that the first car to finish a predetermined number of Laps wins. However, not all cars entered in the race are able to finish. It often happens, for example, by going off the course or crashing. This is called a ‘Fail’. Even if all the cars in the race fail, the first car to fail in the Who Will Win? market will be the Lose, and the car that has been running longer than the one that failed will be the Win, even if it did not finish the race. Depending on the number of Laps, a race usually takes a dozen or so seconds.

Will Either Car Fail To Finish? / Will Both Cars Fail To Finish?

Some cars run off the course, crash or run out of battery, and some occasionally run in reverse. All of these are judged as Fail.

Example of Course-Out

Red Car Course Off, so Red Car “ Fail”

Example of CRASH

Red Car CRASH, so Red Car “Fail”

If the machine that was running ahead finishes, and the machine behind is still running, the machine behind will not be considered as “Fail.


4wdDAO 2022 Pre-Season will be raced on normal courses only. The position of the jump lamps changes for each race.

Machine Type

In the 2022 Pre-Season, four types of cars — ‘Normal’, ‘Truck’, ‘Racing’ and ‘Sports Car’ — are raced, each with four cars, for a total of 16 cars. Each type has its own characteristics.

Machine Introduction

Einstein / “Rambo” of the 4wdDAO world

Einstein / Normal Type

Newton / “Artist” of the 4wdDAO world

Newton / Normal Type

Edison / “Thoroughbred” of the 4wdDAO world

Edison / Normal Type

Galileo / “Cyborg” of the 4wdDAO world

Galileo / Normal Type

Chili Pepper / “Genuine stayer” in the 4wdDAO world

Chili Pepper / Truck Type

Kiss / “Battle commander” of the 4wdDAO

Kiss / Truck Type

Green Day / “Heavy tank” in the 4wdDAO world

Green Day / Truck Type

Eagles / “King of inclines” in the 4wdDAO world

Eagles / Truck Type

Joyner / “Genuine sprinter” in the 4wdDAO world

Joyner / Racing Type

Christie / “Prince” of the 4wdDAO world

Christie / Racing Type

Bolt / Racing

Bolt / Racing Type

Lewis / “Precision machine” in the 4wdDAO world

Lewis / Racing Type

Schumacher / “Emperor” of the 4wdDAO world

Schumacher / Sports Car Type

Mansell / “Beast” of the 4wdDAO

Mansell / Sports Car Type

Clark / “Super express” of the 4wdDAO world

Clark / Sports Car Type

Senna / “Aristocrat” of the 4wdDAO world

Senna / Sports Car Type

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