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4 min readDec 16, 2022

Hello, this is Mutta. In my past article, I talked about what Octopus Game is, its purpose is to solve global issues by creating a new flow of money through betting, and I also would like to make beach cleanups sustainable using the betting mechanism.

I recently visited a remote island and inspected several beaches. The beaches were beautiful, but there was a lot of trash on the beach. On closer inspection, I found that most trash was from other countries and was washed to the beach by the sea. It is a good thing that the people who visit the beach are well-mannered, but it is an alarming fact that garbage is washed up every day. So, to keep the beach clean, we need a system to pick up trash on an ongoing basis.

It may be only a few bags of trash that need to be picked up each day. If so, it may be possible for one person to collect trash for an hour and take it home to dispose of. However, the beach clean-up events currently held in various locations require a lot of work, such as gathering people and working with local governments to dispose of trash. It is not easy to increase the frequency of such events, and individuals cannot easily contribute whenever they feel like it. And, of course, participants are volunteers who receive no remuneration. In fact, the organizers, local governments, and other related parties are probably losing money.

That’s where BeachClean x Betting comes in. By live-streaming the beach clean and asking people to bet on whether they can pick up more than 1 kg of trash in 10 minutes, a portion of the betting amount will be returned to the beach cleaners. It does not have to be a big event. The concept is like Uber or Uber eats, where people can clean the beach whenever they want. Individual bets on the results and a portion of the betting amount are returned to the people doing the beach clean-up. Of course, it is possible to make a large event a Betting target as well as an individual.

It is difficult for a single participant to shoot video, pick up trash, and tally the results, but our goal is for anyone with a single smartphone to be able to make money by live-streaming betting content.
So what kind of competition should Beach Clean Betting be, and what should be the predictive content?

The premise is that we are not establishing a formal sport, so as long as people are betting, we are free to make whatever rules we want. There can be more than one set of rules.

For example, various betting contents are possible as follows.
- Can Player A pick up more than 1 km of trash in time?
- Who can pick up the most trash?
- Will there be pink flip-flops?

Some are light and large, like plastic bottles and foam polystyrene; some are weightier, like glass, cans, and sandals. If weight is used as the measurement target, there is an incentive to ignore the lighter trash and not pick it up. Of course, this is undesirable. On the other hand, if we try to pick up all trash, there is the problem of sorting it.

Personally, I am now thinking of changing the target of pickup and the method of measurement depending on the day of the week. For example, on Sundays, only plastic bottles are picked up. This way, it is easy to measure and requires no sorting. If garbage is picked up the day before the city’s garbage collection, it will be easier to dispose of it (in some places, the day of the week is designated according to the type of garbage).
We are currently considering how to structure the system, including site selection, people to pick up trash, tools to pick up and collect trash, and preparation for filming. We would be grateful for your opinion and wisdom.

Meanwhile, the first Octopus Game (original betting content only on JUNGLEbet) called 4wdDAO racing has begun. While preparing BeachClean Betting, we would like to start “Betting for Good” by donating a portion of the money bet on 4wdDAO to the organization.

The 4wdDAO racing and betting is also an exciting and comfortable experience, so please give it a try.




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